Dotted By Intervention

A group exhibition in which I took part with two of my digital art work:

"A dotted line can only be as legitimate as ‘incessant and dotted spaces' where space is non-representational and incompatible with physical space. An infinite line broken by a pause, a momentary silence or a gaping black hole; where the interruption is more compound than the intersections. Space defined by lines and carefully executed boundaries are as obscure as an imagined theatrical stage, where each character is placed within the confines of a fascinating magnetic field. The boundary lines could be imagined, broken or in a perpetual state of movement. A space undefined has a limitless infinite presence, like ether. This exhibition will explore the spaces in-between".

The works include, Painting, Sculpture and Digital Media. Participating artists: Daphna Alon, Puja Bahri, Nandita Chaudhuri, Sam Clift, Beata Kozlowska, Tammy Marash.

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