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Interior Design Mood Board

A mood board is a fantastic way to initiate a creative process. When it comes to interior design, it is a method of planning, visualizing, connecting various items, gathering inspiration, and generating a design concept. A mood board is a collage of images, materials, and colors, allowing one to examine how all the planned elements work together harmoniously in the combination of colors and materials. It is an excellent way to communicate and share with clients the design process, conveying the concept, style, and atmosphere we aim to achieve in our design work.

In all types of mood boards, the goal is shared: to explore and agree on a clear direction for a project before delving into the actual design work. The mood board assists in exploring different ideas, understanding the overall style, atmosphere, colors, and feel of a room, home, or any other space, primarily involving the client in our ideas and helping them be a part of the design process.

Here are a few examples for Interior Design Mood Board

Mood board for a GP doctor's waiting room

This mood board was created for a waiting room at Harley Street Clinic in Marylebone, London.

The budget was relatively low considering the upscale area where the clinic is located. The client requested to furnish the space with high-street furniture yet imbue a sense of style and modernity.

A color palette of blue, grey, and gold was chosen to evoke a sense of luxury. A non-identical sofa and two chairs were selected, with one wall treated with modern geometric-patterned wallpaper. Art pieces were chosen for the remaining walls, accompanied by lightweight shelves. Textiles completed the entire design, creating a cohesive look for the entire space. The mood board aided in visualising how all the elements would come together in the room before they were purchased. The client fell in love with it immediately!

Interior Design Mood Board
Mood Board. Created by Tamar Creative Studio

Mood board for a rustic-style home - English Countryside Inspired

The mood board captures the ambiance of an English cottage in a rustic-industrial style. The house is located in the Mill Hill neighbourhood, a green and rural area in the northwest of London, replete with open green spaces, horse farms, like an actual village within the city. The mood board combines several images for inspiration, curated furniture and decor items, and presents the choice of materials and colors that will be integrated into the entire house. The mood board illustrates to the client the style we aim for, tailored to the surroundings of the house, and was particularly beloved by the homeowners. See the project here

Mood board for a vintage-style living room or family room

An example of a mood board that focuses on a specific area - the shared living space. The vintage-style mood board features a natural color palette with touches of terracotta color, creating a warm and homey atmosphere.

Boho Chick Mood Board for a Family Room. Created by Tamar Creative studio
Boho Chick Mood Board for a Family Room. Created by Tamar Creative studio

Mood board for a classic-style living room and dining area.

The mood board was created for a penthouse apartment I designed in the Marylebone neighborhood. Marylebone is an upscale district in central London, and the residents sought a refined classic appearance. We opted for antique classic furniture with plenty of velvet, wall coverings in a romantic-style wallpaper, and a color palette of forest green and vintage pink with touches of gold.

Interior Design mood Board
Marylebone Flat Mood Board, Created by Tamar Creative Studio

Mood board for a Boho Chic living room in North Finchley House. See the project here

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