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Exploring the Interior Design Suppliers in Hampstead Garden Suburb Market Place

Hampstead Garden Suburb, a picturesque and affluent neighbourhood nestled in the heart of North London, exudes an undeniable charm, boasting a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Conceived by the visionary architect Raymond Unwin and the meticulous town planner Barry Parker, this suburban utopia was envisioned as a harmonious blend of the best of both city and country living. Today, this exceptional community remains steadfast in preserving the essence of Unwin and Parker's vision.

Residents of Hampstead Garden Suburb take immense pride in their homes, viewing them not merely as places of residence but as expressions of their unique tastes and styles. In response to this commitment to excellence, a thriving marketplace of interior design suppliers has blossomed within the Suburb, catering to the discerning needs of its residents. Here are some of the Interior Design Suppliers in Hampstead Garden, Suburb Market Place:

  1. Tomas Kitchen: A beacon of craftsmanship and design, Tomas Kitchen specializes in crafting exquisite kitchens and furniture. Each piece is meticulously hand-built at their Cambridge Production Centre, making them exclusive Showroom offerings. Their commitment to superb quality, genuine value, award-winning service, exquisite design details, and excellent green credentials combine to create truly exceptional living spaces.

  2. Kitchen Schmidt: A comprehensive kitchen lounge that serves as a one-stop destination for kitchen, bathroom, living room, and wardrobe solutions. With a remarkable 60-year legacy as kitchen makers, Kitchen Schmidt offers an extensive array of styles and finishes, ensuring that homeowners can realize their dream living spaces.

  3. Indian Ocean: Masters of outdoor living. Indian Ocean specializes in crafting and supplying premium outdoor furniture. With their expert guidance and advice, they assist homeowners in specifying the ideal designs for their outdoor spaces, delivering all the luxuries needed for sophisticated outdoor living.

  4. Coraff Flooring: A haven for those seeking flooring solutions, Coraff Flooring offers a relaxed environment where you can explore a diverse range of carpets, wood, or laminate flooring options for your home or office. Their expertise ensures that you make informed choices to enhance your living spaces.

  5. Design Studio Tamar Creative: An interior design consultancy deeply connected to the spirit of Hampstead Garden Suburb. Tamar Creative collaborates closely with homeowners to transform their living spaces. Their team of talented designers works hand in hand with clients to bring their unique visions to life, ensuring that every aspect of the design aligns seamlessly with the Suburb's distinctive character.

In Hampstead Garden Suburb, the commitment to preserving architectural heritage and fostering creativity within homes is not merely an aspiration; it is a way of life. These carefully selected interior design suppliers are essential contributors to the Suburb's enduring legacy, helping residents craft living spaces that reflect both their individuality and the timeless beauty of this remarkable neighbourhood.


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