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  • Tamar Marash

Interior Design concept for high-tech company office

Under this project, I proposed conceptual ideas for designing an office space for a high-tech company:

The design concept is speed, Growth and collaboration.

I chose the repetition of line elements to create a speed effect in ceiling fitting and joinery in all office spaces. The tree in the office's centre area and the green walls in each room symbolize Growth. Green walls add aesthetic elements and health benefits, enhance air quality and connection to nature, and are closely linked to a well-being working environment.

For the collaboration concept, I've designed inviting and welcoming shared spaces to socialize, brainstorm and work together to promote group collaboration.

I've planned a joint area between the two levels of the office with a cafe area, game board and hang-out space to create a social meeting point and to connect staff from two floors, which lead to a positive collaboration.

Please watch this Walkthrough of my model, created to reflect the design concept ideas:

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