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East Barnet House

Nestled in the heart of East Barnet, this project breathed new life into a dated four-bedroom house, transforming it into a contemporary marvel.

The design vision was comprehensive, focusing on revitalizing the ground floor to enhance connectivity and flow. New openings from the kitchen to the garden were strategically introduced, inviting in natural light and the beauty of the outdoors. The removal of interior walls seamlessly united the TV room and kitchen, promoting social interaction.

A striking brick wall became the centrepiece, infusing character and warmth into the modern design. This rustic element provided a captivating backdrop for the entire space. Practicality was a priority, with the addition of a spacious utility room, a conversion of the garage into an office, and a new modern kitchen thoughtfully incorporated to meet contemporary needs.

Bespoke carpentry solutions were carefully integrated to optimize storage and add an air of sophistication. The finishing touches included the selection of new furniture, light fixtures, textiles, and accessories that beautifully reflected the family's style and personality.

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