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West Hampstead House

Nestled within the quaint charm of West Finchley, a Victorian terrace house embarked on a transformation that embraced the principles of light, space, and fluidity. The key to this metamorphosis lay in the elegant removal of interior walls, paving the way for a luminous interior and effortless room-to-room flow.
The entire house underwent a meticulous renovation, leaving no detail untouched. A contemporary kitchen and three stunning bathrooms emerged, embodying modernity and functionality. Bespoke storage solutions, thoughtfully designed and seamlessly integrated, graced every nook and cranny of the house, elevating both aesthetics and practicality.
In the heart of the home, the kitchen, a clever innovation unfolded. Despite the limited space, an inviting eat-in table found its place within the kitchen island, becoming a focal point for both culinary delights and cherished conversations.

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