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Stanmore Flat

Nestled in Stanmore, this flat offers more than just a place to reside; it's a sanctuary overlooking a lush green expanse. The client, a young professional couple with a child, envisioned a bright and modern living space that would evoke feelings of relaxation and happiness.

The project encompassed a comprehensive transformation, including renovations, decoration, new carpet introduction, lighting, top-designer furniture and wall art. To elevate the ambience of this flat and further infuse it with personality, vibrant wallpaper became a dynamic element in the design. These striking wallpapers served as captivating focal points, transforming the wall into an art piece.

The design theme centred on infusing the space with vibrant, happy colours, creating an atmosphere of joy and comfort.

The fusion of modern aesthetics with nature's serenity culminated in a harmonious environment that met the client's desires for a blissful retreat for their family. 


"Thank you so much for making our flat a beautiful Home.

We are definitely going to recommend you to anyone we know, and of course, you are coming to plan and design our new home (hopefully when we move in 1-2 years). Big hugs & all the best."


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