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Tamar Marash - Interior Designer

Established 20 years ago, my studio culminates in my extensive architecture, design, and art direction background. Following my degree in Architecture and Design, I honed my craft by working in various design offices, specializing in interior design, digital design, and advertising, including the J Walter Thompson agency and a few leading start-up companies.

My studio operates at the intersection of architecture, interior design, and styling, catering to diverse projects ranging from private residences to offices and commercial spaces.

The journey begins with in-depth conversations, and careful listening is paramount. Understanding the client's unique needs, dreams, and perceptions of "home" forms the foundation for my design process. It's through this deep understanding that I approach practical design solutions.

The next steps involve meticulous planning, encompassing 3D visualizations, comprehensive work plans, and the submission of necessary building permits. I take pride in maintaining a dedicated team of professionals, including contractors, electricians, carpenters, and trusted suppliers. This collaborative network ensures our clients' efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind throughout the renovation journey. The final phase is dressing spaces, where I remain readily available to address any client queries or preferences. I value every client's decision, understanding the myriad of choices they face. Having an external perspective like mine often simplifies the decision-making process.


For me, there is no more satisfying experience than the completion of successful planning, renovation and home design and the entry of happy tenants into their new home, which is accurate for them and suitable for their needs.

What's unique about my studio?

1. My studio’s intimate nature ensures that every client receives undivided attention. I’m always available, providing swift responses and offering competitive rates. Rather than expanding with junior designers, I focus on a select number of projects, immersing myself in the details.

2. My multidisciplinary background enables me to infuse various design elements into architecture and interior spaces. This includes integrating art, crafting bespoke furniture, or blending graphic concepts for businesses. The studio delivers a cohesive design narrative, from logos to interior details.

3. As an Israeli based in London, I blend the best of both worlds. I adeptly merge the airy aesthetics of Israeli designs with the classic charm of London’s Victorian homes. Conversely, I can introduce a European touch to Israeli spaces. This cultural blend is my design signature. Additionally, for Israelis, I offer the comfort of communication in Hebrew, and for English speakers in Israel, the ease of conversing in English.

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