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Tamar Marash - Interior Designer

My studio was established 20 years ago, following my academic and professional journey in architecture and design. After earning my degree in architectural studies, I refined my skills in various design offices, working in interior design, digital design, and advertising, including roles at J. Walter Thompson and as an art director in several start-ups.

Operating at the junction of architecture, interior design, and styling, my studio handles diverse projects, from private residences to office and commercial spaces. I collaborate closely with each client, offering a personalized service that results in beautiful, cohesive, and individualized spaces tailored to their needs and lifestyle preferences.

In realizing a property's full potential, I carefully consider its overall arrangement, layout, flow, proportion, spatial perception, and functionality, always respecting its original architectural integrity.

The process advances with detailed planning, including 3D visualizations, detailed work plans, and securing necessary building permits. I lead a team of dedicated professionals, including contractors, electricians, carpenters, and trusted suppliers, ensuring our clients' efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind throughout their renovation journey.

The final stages involve the styling of spaces, during which I remain accessible for any client inquiries or preferences. I value client input, understanding their decision-making challenges, and often providing a fresh perspective to simplify the process.

Ultimately, there is no greater satisfaction for me than seeing the successful completion of a project—planned, renovated, and styled—and witnessing clients' joy as they settle into their new, ideally, homes that perfectly suit their needs.

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