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I set up my studio 20 years ago, after studying Architecture and design and after several years gaining experience in various design offices specialising in interior design, digital design, advertising and media (J Walter Thompson). 


I was also an art director at a start-up company from inception until its sale, with great success, to a US online gaming company, one the largest in its industry.


My studio engages in architecture, interior design and styling for private homes, offices, and businesses of all kinds.


The process


My work begins with a conversation listening to the client, a deep understanding of their needs, dreams, and the very idea of what a home is for them.


Over the years, I have learned that 'home' is a very emotional term and differs substantially from person to person. Part of my job is to research this before approaching practical design.


From there, we move on to detailed planning that includes 3D visualisation, work plans and submissions for various building permits.


I work with a permanent team of professionals, contractors, electricians, carpenters, and excellent suppliers for every requirement in the process. This saves my clients time and money, and most importantly, provide peace of mind throughout the renovation process.


The final stage is the dressing stage, where I am available for any essential customer question like stripes or dots, pink or orange?

I'm well aware that every decision and choice is significant for the client, and there are many such choices to be made, and how much easier it is to have a third party like me to consult with to reach final decisions.


For me, there is no more satisfying experience than the completion of successful planning, renovation and home design, and the entry of happy tenants into their new home, which is accurate for them and suitable for their needs.


Equally, I rejoice at a renovation of small projects like creating a home office, a kitchen refresh, or a room design for a special girl who has become a teenager!

What's special about my studio?

My studio is special for the following reasons:

1. My studio is small and intimate, so every client gets my full attention. No corner of the property escapes my sight, and every call for attention is answered quickly. My availability is high, and my prices are reasonable.

I do not enlist the help of junior designers to bring additional projects into the studio but prefer to keep to a limited number of projects where I can concentrate and get down to the details. That's all the fun!


2. Being a multidisciplinary designer allows me to integrate other areas of design into architecture and interior design as well.

For example, to combine art and photography into space, designing unique bespoke furniture, and, in the case of a business such as a cafe, or an exhibition pavilion, then a combination of a graphic concept.

The studio offers a uniform design line that combines logos, printing materials, a website, and the last detail in the interior design—all under a uniform and complementary design concept.

3. I'm an Israeli living in London, who regularly visits her home country, knows how to take the Israeli living experience, with its open and bright spaces, and yes, apply it to the old Victorian homes of London. The combination always comes out stunning!

And vice versa, I also know how to bring a London-European atmosphere to any flat or house in Israel. If, of course, that is what the property owner desires.

I am a kind of design bridge between cultures.

Linguistically, it is always more convenient for Israelis to express their dreams and desires in Hebrew, and for English speakers living in Israel, it is convenient to communicate with an English-speaking designer.

Getting personal 

Finally, a little about my personal life: I am married and the mother of three wonderful children, the great creations of my life.


In my free time, I like to ramble, walk mostly in the woods and parks, shoot Instagram photos and draw, watch science fiction and fantasy movies, and communicate in-depth with people dear to my heart that I meet on the journey of my life.

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