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Finchley House

The Finchley House project, nestled in a picturesque location, boasts a breathtaking feature: it overlooks the lush allotments, providing an endless expanse of verdant green vistas. This stunning natural backdrop was a central focal point of the renovation, and great care was taken to ensure the design emphasised and embraced this unique feature.

The renovation, with its total overhaul, extension, and loft conversion, was thoughtfully executed to maximize the connection between the interior and the captivating outdoor scenery. Large windows, open layouts, and strategic positioning of living spaces were all tailored to frame and enhance the view of the allotments, seamlessly integrating the house with its natural surroundings.

One of the standout achievements of the project was obtaining planning permission for the loft conversion and the rear garden extension, ensuring that the vision for the house could be fully realised and significantly expanded its living space.

In terms of design, the house was elegantly crafted in a charming country style. This design choice harmoniously blended classic elements with a touch of rustic charm, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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