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Fortis Green House

The Fortis-Green project is a captivating transformation of a five-bedroom semi-detached house, extending its living spaces both to the loft and the rear garden. This endeavour aimed to seamlessly blend spaciousness with intimacy, creating an inviting atmosphere that catered to various family activities. The central focus of the design was a large open-plan area that seamlessly integrated a TV zone, a kitchen, and a dining space.

The style chosen for this project was a harmonious fusion of mid-century aesthetics and the natural beauty of South African elements, reflected in the earthy colour palette. Preservation of some of the house's original wooden features added depth and character to the design. The integration of suitable finishes, new furniture, carefully selected textiles, handpicked wall art, and thoughtfully curated accessories all contributed to a pervasive sense of warmth and a connection to nature throughout the house.


"We were so pleased that our builders recommended Tamar to us and only wish we'd met her before our project started! Despite starting relatively late in the project, Tamara's support, advice and creative flair was invaluable. She listened carefully to all of our thoughts and wishes and worked closely with us to make sure we achieved the result we were hoping for. She has strong partnerships with local suppliers which made sourcing the finishing touches seamless and hassle-free. With a strict eye for detail, she oversaw these finishing stages impeccably."

Susan N

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