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Tel Aviv Flat

A Moroccan Oasis: Budget-Friendly Tel Aviv Flat Makeover

Relocating to a new country is a thrilling adventure, and for one recent immigrant to Israel, transforming a Tel Aviv flat into a Moroccan-inspired haven was the aspiration. Despite a modest budget, this makeover proves that with ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can achieve a captivating interior that resonates with your cultural heritage.

The foundation of the design journey was the client's cherished armchair, a sentimental heirloom. This piece became the heart of the project, inspiring the choice of fabrics and colours to match the Moroccan theme. Upholstered with carefully selected materials, the armchair seamlessly blended with second-hand furniture and vintage light fixtures sourced from the flea markets of Jaffa.

The design artfully incorporated Moroccan motifs, vibrant textiles, and intricate patterns, creating an ambience reminiscent of a Marrakech riad. This Tel Aviv flat was transformed into a Moroccan oasis, proving that a tight budget is no obstacle to creating a uniquely captivating living space that reflects both heritage and style.

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