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Mill Hill House

In the leafy neighbourhood of Mill Hill, a remarkable residential transformation breathed new life into a charming double-fronted house, culminating in a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. 

The cornerstone of this renewal was the installation of exquisite new wooden flooring, a tactile canvas that whispered rustic elegance. The Three ensuite bathrooms underwent a meticulous rejuvenation. A portion of the garage transformed into a utility room, seamlessly integrated with the adjacent kitchen. This conversion redefined convenience and spatial efficiency, harmonizing daily routines with the rhythms of life.

Architectural elements materialized in the form of expansive doors flung open from both the living room and the kitchen, inviting the lush beauty of the garden to envelop the living space. These doors ushered in abundant natural light, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.

The kitchen itself, adorned in the rustic allure of country provincial style, featured a new layout with a commanding island, the heart of the home. This focal point beckoned gatherings and culinary endeavours, where family and friends converged in a symphony of shared moments.

With attention to detail, every finish, furnishing, lighting fixture, textile, wall art, and accessories was meticulously selected. Each element contributed to the overall design, infusing the residence with a warmth of the country's provincial style.

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