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East Finchley House

This project was a comprehensive transformation that breathed new life into a five-bedroom Victorian terrace house. It involved various construction and design elements, encompassing extensive remodelling, a rear garden extension, complete renovation, and the infusion of bespoke carpentry throughout.

The client's vision was clear: they desired a bright and contemporary living space that catered to their family's needs. This included essential features such as a parents' ensuite, an additional ensuite in the loft, designated work areas, a utility room, and an expansive open-plan layout that seamlessly integrated a spacious kitchen, dining area, and a family zone. Working closely with the clients, we made a decision to preserve some of the house's original features. For instance, the original tile flooring in the entrance and the ornate cornice work on the ceiling in the front reception room were carefully retained. This decision paid homage to the house's Victorian heritage and created a captivating juxtaposition of old-world charm and contemporary elegance. The result was a harmonious fusion of historical character and modern functionality, where the past met the present in a beautifully balanced architectural ensemble. 


"A long and enjoyable journey has come to an end... Tamar Creative was a fantastic companion from the very early design stages, through hands-on project management of all delivery aspects, all the way to home styling. Tamar’s professionalism, exquisite taste, attention to detail and grounded personality offer much more than design services - they offer peace of mind and confidence during a potentially hectic and turbulent time. We worked with Tamar for nearly a year while renovating our home, end-to-end. Our Victorian house was charming but quite a dump when we bought it just before the first lockdown and needed a small rear extension, complete interior design, bespoke joinery, colour schemes, storage planning and a bit of styling pixie dust. If you are after someone who can help you turn your design vision and dreams into reality, Tamar is your person! "

Nurit Cohen 

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