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Modern Mediterranean style

Modern Mediterranean style in interior design means traditional characteristics of Mediterranean homes with a modern twist. They celebrate spacious open-plan living and rustic finishes, focusing on indoor-outdoor living with Spanish and Italian influences.

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The Italian, Spanish and Moroccan traditions are rooted in slow living and embrace minimalism through natural materials and soft, earthy colour schemes, light and warm tones, and extensive use of natural materials such as ceramics, wood, and wrought iron and cotton.

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Image Credit: Zara Home

This example is a staircase design as part of the Modern Mediterranean style that already exists in one of my projects, which was a retail store in central London.

In my concept design, I wanted to emphasise the contrast between the simplicity and relaxed atmosphere found inside the store and the busy outside environment of central London, so the Modern Mediterranean style worked perfectly.

For the finished materials, I choose simple concrete stairs with or without a chunky natural wood finish, metal balusters and a metal handrail. It fits the overall design. Simple, Smooth concrete finish stairs, contrasting against the cast-iron high stringer, balusters, and handrail, successfully reflect the Modern Mediterranean style with its rustic and simple feeling.

Studio TamarCreative: Concept Design Moodboard

Studio TamarCreative: Staircase design layout

Studio TamarCreative: 3D view renders with Enscape - Retail store in a Modern Mediterranean style.

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