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London's top vintage markets

London's vibrant top vintage market scene is a haven for interior design enthusiasts seeking unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to adorn their homes. These markets offer a treasure trove of vintage furniture, decor, and accessories, providing an opportunity to infuse spaces with character, charm, and a touch of nostalgia.

Interior Design tips, Portobello Road Market
Portobello Road Market

  1. Portobello Road Market: Located in the trendy Notting Hill neighbourhood, Portobello Road Market is a renowned destination for vintage shopping. Stretching over a mile, this market boasts a plethora of stalls offering a wide range of antique furniture, vintage clothing, retro homeware, and collectables. Interior design enthusiasts can find everything from Victorian-era furniture to mid-century modern pieces, vintage lighting fixtures, and unique decorative items. The market's vibrant atmosphere and eclectic offerings make it a must-visit for vintage lovers.

  2. Old Spitalfields Market: Situated in the heart of East London, Old Spitalfields Market combines history, culture, and contemporary design. The market features a mix of permanent shops and rotating stalls, showcasing a diverse range of vintage treasures. From antique textiles and vintage ceramics to retro posters and industrial furniture, the market offers an extensive selection of items that can elevate any interior design project. It's a fantastic place to discover rare finds and engage with local artisans and collectors.

  3. Alfies Antique Market: Nestled in the charming neighbourhood of Marylebone, Alfies Antique Market is a multi-level emporium catering to vintage enthusiasts and interior designers alike. The market houses over 75 independent dealers specializing in antique furniture, art, jewellery, vintage clothing, and unique home decor items.

  4. Camden Passage: Tucked away in Islington, Camden Passage is a delightful pedestrianized street known for its quaint shops and vintage market stalls. This hidden gem offers a mix of antiques, vintage fashion, homeware, and collectables. Interior design enthusiasts can browse through an array of unique treasures, including antique mirrors, retro posters, vintage textiles, and decorative items that effortlessly blend the old with the new.

Interior Design tips, Antique shop and renovation of old furniture.
Antique shop in Islington.

Whether you're seeking antique furniture, retro homeware, or vintage decor, these markets provide endless inspiration and an opportunity to infuse your spaces with a touch of vintage charm.

Portobello market
Portobello market


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